The world’s best help with visitors="the owl"

personräknare som räknar butikskunder

"The Owl": a source of knowledge

antso offers systems which:


We offer 3 systems which cover everything you want to know. These can be purchased separately, as individual systems, or extended to each other as modules.

1. People/Enter-Exit Counters
+ offers you the number of persons entering and exiting an area
+ see values (statistics) in real-time, or other selected time period
+ see effects of your marketing campaigns
+ optimise staff efforts
+ optimise operation and maintenance (i.e. ventilation & heating)
+ optimise profitability by correlating with turnover (hit-rate) and developing business on the bases of concrete facts
+ optimising opening hours per store
+ stores in a chain can benchmark against each other

2. Flow/Zone identifiers
+ you see flow visually on the store’s area as the hot and cold zones
+ you see numbers, direction, and stopping times of the visitors in a larger zone. Info per m²
+ offers you facts which can form a bases for tenancy agreements
+ optimises product placement from the aspect of where and how visitors appear

3. Queue management
+ unique system which, via an alarm unit, helps you to eliminate irritating cashier queues
+ optimal staffing on a minute scale where staff ought to be inputted at cashiers or on the shop floor plucking goods
+ works excellently together with the entrance system (=visitor system) for total control